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Tshirts are increasingly the most popular casual wear worldwide as western countries have been able to influence the culture worldwide and persuade the powerful and influential in most countries that their lifestyle and culture is superior, and should be emulated. So in most countries including India, for better opportunities and income, many young men and women are abandoning the traditional clothes which were worn for centuries to wear machine made tshirts. People wearing tshirts are perceived to be more educated and financially better off compared to those wearing traditional clothes, especially women.

In some asian countries like India, women who are westernized in terms of clothes, appearance, lifestyle are generally approved by the highly chauvanistic intelligence and security agencies. These powerful officials will judge a woman almost exclusively on the basis of her appearance, fashion style, not try to speak to her to understand her educational level or professional skills. The favored clothes, especially casual wear worn by women with a westernized lifestyle and wardrobe are usually jeans, tshirt, shirt, dresses, skirts, tops, pants.

The cost of a tshirt depends on a number of factors like the quality of fabric required, the design of the tshirt, whether it is mass produced, marketing and advertising budget, customization and the efficiency of the tshirt manufacturer. The cost of certain synthetic fabric blends like spandex or lycra is higher due to the properties of these fabrics, so the cost of the tshirts containing these textiles will usually be higher. Just like paper quality and price depends on the gsm, grams per square meter, the thread count is usually used to define the quality of the fabric. Thicker fabrics are usually more expensive, yet will last longer compared to thin or flimsy fabrics which are not suitable for long term use.

Though high end tshirts are expensive, people, businesses and companies are requiring cheap tshirts for different applications like . :
  • For natural disasters, like floods when people have to flee their homes
  • Sporting events like marathons
  • Company events like conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Picnics and outings
  • Excursions for children, like trekking
  • For people with a limited budget for purchasing clothes
  • For applications where the tshirts/clothes are likely to be damaged like painting
  • Construction activities
  • Other applications where comfortable clothes are required at a relatively low cost
There are multiple ways of procuring cheap tshirts

Like any other product, there are garment manufacturers producing a wide range of tshirts of different qualities, material and prices depending on the market demand and their expertise in making and selling specific tshirt types. So some tshirt manufacturers are making cheap tshirts realizing that people are more likely to be able to purchase an inexpensive tshirt , as it will be more affordable, compared to purchasing high end expensive tshirts which people with a lower income will not be able to afford. However good the quality of the tshirt, in some cases, all tshirts will get damaged quickly, for example if the tshirt is stuck in some metal while travelling and gets torn or if some paint will be thrown on the tshirt.

So while selecting a tshirt or any other clothes, a person has to consider his or her lifestyle and activities. For example if a person is using public transport like a crowded bus or train or has to wade in dirty water during monsoon, due to condition in the transportation mode, the clothes are likely to get damaged. On the other hand, an employee or a wealthy business owner who can afford a chauffeur driven cars, is working in airconditioned offices, can afford to purchase expensive clothes as he or she is well protected from the adverse environmental conditions, his or her clothes are not likely to be damaged. .

Though usually the price of the tshirt will depend on the quality of the tshirt, there are some exceptions allowing tshirt buyers to purchase cheap tshirts. For example garment closeouts are available at a low price, especially if the stocklot owner is interested in getting rid of the stock quickly and requires money urgently. Many brands and garment importers may reject the tshirts manufactured for them, if they do not meet their quality standard, and these are often available for sale at a relatively low price compared to other tshirts

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